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RE: Urgent for every trader around the world that want to change his/her life

Dear Fellow Trader,

Regards from: Maurice C.

This website was modified recently and it is revealing something powerful forex strategy that you have never seen or heard in this website or another one previously. It works amazingly in any "Real" account in MT4 platforms with any broker you choose worldwide.

Let´s begin...

Firstly, thank you for visiting my website and read the letter that will save your trading account. Second, I want you understand that this is not a sales letter you see everywhere, So ... If in some instant you thought that I am going to sell to you the same filth as the so-called forex gurus do, I am sorry to disappoint you.

  I am not a website professional designer and not a guru, I wrote this letter by myself from a simple template. I am just a trader like many of you. Nothing special here!

Since I am not a good writer, I am not going to write thousands of words here, so I will go straight to the point.

Before you continue reading all the information on this website, i want you to know that my strategy does not use any type of indicator, support or resistance lines, or trend lines (Just 2 EMA´s). I also do not count waves of Elliot, nor draw Fibonacci.
My technique is not based on arbitrage or hedging, but rather I am guided by price patterns that are generally formed by institutional traders and the world's biggest banks in the forex charts, which, as you can imagine, do not use the type of tools that all other traders use with their meta trader 4 (MT4) platforms.

I have learned to detect the traces left behind by institutional traders and banks to make entries practically at the same points of the market price where they also do it. In this way I guarantee to win a very high percentage of trades in different pairs and several times per week.

Institutional banks and traders do their trading intraday, which means that they open trades several times a day during the 4 active sessions that the forex market has every day in particular (Sydney, Tokyo, London and New York), and I do exactly the same as them, that is, we open trades in different pairs several times a day too, in order to guarantee that I win as many pips as possible.

With my trading method, I also often enter when the big forex sharks come in to play their game, and they almost always make their entries in the higher or lower parts of the charts, and that usually happens when they have already hunted as many stop losses as possible.
In this way, I avoid being victims of this type of manipulation and enter the trades in a more convincing and safe way.

In synthesis, I trade in forex with a clean chart, without lines of any kind or indicators (except by 2 EMA´s) that distract me from making entries as accurately as possible, and today I want to teach you how to finally win the battle to this great market with a true secret that It will change your life forever.

A little of my history...

Several years ago, (searching for an excellent forex strategy or technique) I found online an ex-broker trader that was teaching some people how to become rich in few months using a secret strategy where he could trade with confidence.
I decided to follow him for sometime... Then when I saw his results and how accurate were his entries, I wrote him an email asking if we can take part of the learning group.
Of course, I had to pay several thousands of dollars, but we knew my life would change after learn that secret.

And... Yes, It was that way, the method was a forex secret strategy that only few financial entities knew, however the strategy was very hard to apply, because the price entries needed be applied in strong trends, so, for that reason, I decided to make it some changes and this way to create my own forex technique, and I called: The Forex Holy Grail.... And that´s how I started this career and began to achieve amazing results as the ones I´m going to be posting here several days per week. These way you can trust in my results, not just my words.

Too much, a lot, many traders think that the Holy Grail is a system, pattern or whatever, where there is not a single order in stop loss, however that is not true. And if you are some of them, let me tell you that you are wrong, because one person find the Holy Grail when the winner trades (in money) are higher (much higher) than losers. That simple!

If you are confident with your trades (plan your trade and trade your plan), you will reach the success in this nice business called forex, otherwise you will lose even your shirt.

You know something, with my strategy, sometimes I have some losses, however my earnings are bigger than those losses, to the point that I make more than 750 - 1500 pips per week!!!  This is the reason why I can say that I have found the forex Holy Grail.

If somebody is looking for a technique where the losses never appear, I´m so sorry, because that´s not my system. The strategy I teach is very powerful, but sometimes a few stop loss orders will be present. Nothing to worry about, but it makes us stronger when I trade :-)

Did you know that the price you see in the MT4 platform could be tricky?
Oh yes, that´s right. The price that you and me see in our charts is designed to cheat our eyes, that is why we need for some trader expert teach us to read correctly the price action, its patterns and the support and resistance areas....

And ladies and gentlemen, that is the main reason why the 97% of traders fail to make money in forex.

forex holy grail secret

As any other beginner trader of forex market, I learned the things from hard way, by means of test and error. I was cheated by many sellers of systems, indicators, robots and software who were promising me the heaven and earth in exchange for $37, $77, $97 and even $1977. But always everything was the same garbage.
So, I decided to research internet forums, Facebook groups and websites until to find a real mentor who teach me everything, and when I found him, then we studied all and put it together... Also I added some extra knowledge, and here is it.

You know, there are many people out there searching for systems with an alarm and indicators that make the charts look like a Christmas tree, or a robot that makes their trading experience more easy... but the real thing is: "All that BS don´t work".
Just think about it for a moment... If one system or EA of those works properly and makes money:

Why are you still researching new methods that help you to trade without stress?

Why the banks are not using them?

Why aren't out there hundreds of thousands of new millionaires every month?

Well, the answer is easy... That things never work all the time. So, save your money and give to my strategy a try, or continue using robots or indicators if you want to continue being a forex beggar for catching just some measly dollars a day for trading.
In this website, I am exposing in front your eyes the holy grail of forex strategy never seen before online, and I´m giving it just for very short time. You won´t see this website all the time opened, because I don´t want many hands on it.

This website is showing undeniable proofs about how we can make our bank accounts hit the sky. With this secret strategy of Forex Grail you will earn the money that you ever dream it for your family, travels, luxury houses and cars, and of course to get always your pockets full of money.


What is the intention of this web page?

Well,  simple...  Since I found the holy Grail of forex, I proposed to keep it to myself, but several months ago I decided to share it with a group of persons worldwide interested in paying for the real deal (friends and relatives did not include)

I know at this point you may be wondering:

Why does he want to sell the secret instead of keep it by himself?

Well, I am selling it basically for 2 reasons:

1- I like to mentoring people and see their face of happiness when they make money.

2- For making more money.

If I teach a group how to trade correctly, I don´t lose any cent for doing so. On the contrary, the more people is moving the market in the same direction, the more money all we make :)

Maybe you are wondering: Then, Why does he sell the strategy and not give it away instead?

You know, if there is something in this world that I really hate is the people that want the things in the hand easily and free. I believe firmly that everything must have a cost in this life (although it is a bit), for this reason is that I am requesting money for my knowledge. So, it is up to you to become one of the holders of this big discovery or see how the brokers collect every cent from your account day after day, trade after trade.

Well, at this point I know you want to know what is my price...

OK, here I go... I am going to give my secret only to limited group of traders around the world, and the price is just $497 U.S dollars, but this cheap price is only for the first 25 persons who take action before the others, then the price will be $1000 USD for next 225 traders who want to change their life.

I will sell 250 copies of our discovery nothing more...

Oh my God...  I can hear many of you to say:    WHAT???

Are you fu-%#& crazy? I am not going to spend that money for a forex strategy.

You know, I can understand you completely. You are so used to cheap and useless systems, strategies, robots and indicators, that you see the price of my strategy as if it was from another world. However, you need to understand something:

With my help you are going to make all the money that only in your dreams can be real.
  I am offering you something from another world as well, because my strategy works, and works very fine, and it will help you to make thousands of dollars a month or week, and this is something that no other strategy, robot, indicator or coach has been able to do for you.

Or Am I wrong?

When you finish all my little training, I can guarantee you a better understanding of how forex works and how to trade it correctly. Also, I´m sure that you will love my strategy, and you will be grateful with me for the rest of your life :)

Serious, I will let you know one of the most powerful secret that I was using for the last months and if I want, I could sell it even for $15000 because of the big power that it has.
It  is not a robot, it is a strategy and it involves neither Elliot waves, Gann or complicated analysis, it is simply an amazing parameter that appears almost every time in all pairs, and you simply sit in front your screen and wait for opening the trades (it is not news trading).

Are you tired of this:

forex strategy

forex holy grail indicator

With my method, it´s very easy taking the trades. I promise that you will be amazed with the amount of pips that you will make in just 1 week when you´ll try it. You can make from 10 pips to 50 pips per trade or even more if you want to be aggressive.
Now this secret can be yours and you can test at last how to make a ton of money from forex.

Remember, you are paying for a real money maker machine not for a cheapo Mickey Mouse toy that you can get for a couple dozens of dollars in many affiliate stores or even for free in the forums. This forex holy grail secret pattern, is really something different and you will love it every day.

Do not try any more systems like this:

forex secret pattern

The last picture shows a basic strategy. As you can see there are 4 moving averages and the stochastic indicator. Basically you need to verify the red and blue MAs, they must be pointing up in M30, M15 and M5, also the red line must be below the blue line in all the 3 Time Frames, then, only in M5 the green MA must be beginning a cross over the maroon MA and the Stochastic must show a cross below the level 50. This is for a long trade, opposite conditions for short trade. I know this thing sometimes works fine, but when it fails, it blows your account if you don´t really know what you are doing.

Please do not follow this type of strategies if you don´t have enough experience with the MT4 indicators, believe me, you can lose much money with them because you will trade always against the banks. You should understand the nature of this lagging indicators before trading. I made my studying day based on them several years ago, and my honest advise is: do not use them if you look just oversold or overbought conditions.

Look, I will be honest here:

Some of my students, partners and I have traded this strategy for several months with high success on "REAL MT4" accounts not just demo. So, I am more than confident about what we are selling here.
However, if you have doubts, it´s better for you not to buy and continue trying something else...  I just want people who want to change their forex statements. I am not interested in your affronts, neither your meaningless words nor negative comments, because you do not meet me yet. Do not stain my reputation.

How many times did you read or listen this?:

"It´s not your fault"

"I am not a guru"

"I want to help you"

"This strategy makes people like you rich"

"Download my indicator for free that produces 500 pips a week"

Yes, I wrote similar words like those in this letter too, but the difference is: I am not selling you an affiliate product from Clickbank, JVzoo or something else... all that people make their money for their affiliates sales, not for trading forex, and they can´t show you undeniable proofs like ours ones made directly from the MT4 platform.
I am a guy like you who is having a good time making money using a secret method, and if you want to believe me, welcome to the next forex trading level, if you don´t, then close this website and read some self-motivation book.

I think the only vendor of forex products who actually earns thousands of dollars per month (for trading the market) is a trader who calls Medo, he currently sells his strategy for $10000, a very fair price for quality product. Except him, I don´t know about other honest seller who earns a living from forex like he does.
Remember, I am not charging you for funny products than never ever work, you will receive my strategy in a members area, updates, and my help for your money. And of course I will teach you the conditions to trade the forex holy grail the right way.

100% Working Guaranteed

Full test in Meta Trader 4 and Trading View platforms.

100% Secure Checkout

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Let's see my technique features

Awesome features in one forex strategy

100% Easy To Learn
Pure Price Action
Low Risk - High Reward
No Complicated Analysis
No Use Of Robots
No Arbitrage Strategy
No Hedging Strategy
No Use Of Indicators
No News Strategy

I hid some data to protect my strategy

Let´s see some of my current results

forex holy grail results

forex holy grail account

forex holy grail statement

forex holy grail 2019

Easily and quickly

Trade in 5 minutes with 4 simple steps

  1. Put The Order

    Follow the strategy steps and open the trade when everything is met.

  2. Review More Pairs

    Check another pairs in order to catch even more trades for correlation.

  3. Setting

    Put your Stop Loss and Take Profit values as you learn from my strategy.

  4. See The Profits

    Enjoy the best part of the strategy. Just take a sit and see the profits run.

Awesome Forex Strategy Without Indicators

Trade Same Way The Big Banks Do


  • Trading without indicators
  • Professional and secure entries
  • Sell in top, Buy in bottom
  • Analysis easy to understand
  • Trade the same way the banks do
  • Harvest hundreds of pips a week

Not only that...

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Happy traders

What people said about my strategy

Holy cow!, I can´t be more happy... At last I am making money on forex without stress. This is really an astonish method. This guy method was very clear. It was worth every penny!!!
Derek Moore

Denver, USA

I get back my initial investment in just 2 weeks of trading. Now I am in pure profits. This is the real deal for everyone who want to change the way to trade in forex. Thank you!!!
Jhon Adams

Sidney, Australia

I thought this was a scam more, but I decided to give this system a chance, and now I am one of the happiest people in the world. $497 usd is really nothing compared to what was received. Thanks
Victor Palacio

Bogota, Colombia

Here in my country, the life is very hard. Many people earns less than 5 dollars a day in some zones, so I decided to make an effort for buying this strategy... Wow, I don´t have words... I am really grateful.
Malunna Samuels

South Africa

I was tired of so-called forex gurus. When I read the sales letter of Holy grail, I knew immediately this was real... Now I am making more than $10K a week. If somebody reads this message, you should get this method A.S.A.P
Muhammad Manzur

Saudi Arabia

I spent more than $15,000 in forex products in the past and any of them gave me in one year what I got in 2 weeks of trading this technique. Amazing is the correct word for this.
Now I am in love with forex. Thank you guy.
Linna Bahenol

London, England

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Frequently asked questions

YES. The forex holy grail technique works with brokers that accept U.S citizens.

YES, all the traders of different countries can be benefited.

Yes, we discovered it and those images are totally real, not fake.

Yes, but it involves several things too. We will cover it in the members area. This one occurs almost every day in several pairs.

It´s very easy to make from 30 to 120 pips a day opening several positions at the same time, but it depends from the market conditions.

No, those strategies are not ours, although the owners called them same way than us: "Forex Holy Grail". They use personal indicators etc... Our strategy doesn´t use arrows or similar.

Look, you can research all the forums and other websites around the web and you will not find any single bad comment or thread from a member ours. The people who post bad things about our strategy are not our students, they are only speculators that only want everything for free but they never bought our strategy. Also, some of they ask us about to share our secret with them, but as our answer was: NO! then they write emails to threaten us about to post craps against our person and website in forums. So, It´s is up to you if you believe them or not.

Sorry, but we should respect every person that made an effort for paying this secret, even with a credit card, so, It´s not fair they pay and you don´t. Please do not insist.

More questions?  Please feel free to contact me:


You understand the following:

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