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"The Forex Holy Grail"

Believe It Or Not I Discovered The Most Big Mystery In History Of Forex....

Urgent Discovery.

Dear Fellow Trader,

Firstly, sorry for my english because this is not my language, second, I want that you understand that this is not a sales letter you see everywhere, So ... If in some instant you thought that I was going to sell to you the same filth as the so-called gurus do, I am sorry to disappoint you.

I am not a website professional, I am not a guru, I wrote this letter by myself from a simple template. I am just a trader like many of you. Nothing special here! 

Since I am not a good writer, I am not going to write thousands of words here, so I will go directly to the point.

Two years ago, searching for an excellent forex strategy, I found a broker where we can trade using the real price of the market, yes the real reaction and real price. 

Do you know that the price you see in the brokers platform could not be real? Oh, yes, It´s true, the price that you and me see could be a mirror!!!

But... the broker I discovered was different... It had only 1 pip of spread and instant ejecutions. That is the paradise!!!

So, I begin to trade in demo with it earning amazing amounts of pips.

forex holy grail secret

As any other begginer trader of forex market, I learned the things from hard way, by means of test and error. I was cheated by many sellers of systems, indicators, robots and softwares who were promising me the heaven and earth in exchange for $37, $77, $97 and even $1977. But everything was the same.
So I decided to research internet brokers and the market by myself and its patterns to extract my own methods of investment.

Finally I discovered something rare and wonderfully for which many persons would pay: the holy Grail of forex.

At first I can not believe it, and I could not sleep during many nights and when I put it into practice ... boom!!!

You know, there are many people out there searching for a system with an alarm or a robot the makes his trading experience more easy, but the real thing is: "They don´t work"... Just think about it for a moment... If one indicator of those, works properly and makes money... Why the banks are not using it???  Well, the answer is easy... That things never work all the time... So, save your money and use it for trading... In this website, I am going to expose a binary options strategy never seen before online, and I am giving it away, yes there is no cost for you at all.

At the bottom of this website, you will discover also a very powerful binary options strategy that can make your bank account hit the sky. With this strategy and the secret of Forex Grail you will earn even more money if you put both in action.

Sorry But The Forex Holy Grail Strategy Will Not Be Available Anymore.
  But We Are Revealing The Binary Options Holy Grail. Check It Here: The Video Below Has A Little Explanation Of The System. Watch It Now !

On April 1st, 2012 I was talking with a ex-bank trader about the real prices of the market, and he told me than the banks are the only institutions with real move price in their platforms,  and almost every broker on the world uses a filtered platform; for this reason they earn a lot of money.


What is the intention of this Web page?

Well,  simple...  Since I found the holy Grail of forex, I proposed to share it with a group of persons around the world  (friends and relatives did not include).

I know at this point you may be wondering: Why does he want to sell the secret insted of keep it by himself? 

I am giving it away, but...

You know, if there is something in this world that I really hate is the people that want the things in the hand easily and free.  I believe firmly that everything must have a cost in this life (although it is a bit), it is for this reason that I am requesting a quota, so that you have the option to become one of the holders of this big discovery. 

I am going to give my secrets only to a group of traders around the world and the price is just $820 U.S dollars.

You are not going to pay for my discovery, but for a secret store with more than 1000 of the best forex products plus one powerful strategy (not the holy grail).  The holy grail is for free with your purchase, so as you can see I am giving it away.

I will send to you one of most powerful secret that I was using before finding the holy Grail of forex. This secret, if I wanted, I could sell it even for $5000 because of the big power that it has.
It  is not a robot, it is a system. It involves neither Elliot waves nor Gann analysis, it is simply an amazing trend strategy that appears almost every day in many pairs, you simply sit in front your screen and wait to open the trades (it is not fundamental news).

Are you tired of this:

forex strategy 1

forex secret

It´s very easy taking the trades. I promise you will be amazed with the big amount of pips that you will make in just 1 week when you´ll try your demo. You can make from 5 pips to 20 pips per trade. Now this secret is yours  and you can test at last how to make a ton of pips from forex.

You will receive my secret strategy when you pay your "right" to take part of it, and also the forex holy grail pattern. 

Remember, you are paying for the store with 1200 products and my powerful strategy, not for the forex holy grail secret pattern, you will receive this one for free with your purchase.

Do not try any more systems like this:

forex holy grail

The last picture shows a basic strategy. As you can see there are 4 moving averages and the stochastic indicator. Basicly you need to verify the red and blue MAs, they must be pointing up in M30, M15 and M5, also the red line must be below the blue line in all the 3 Time Frames, then, only in M5 the green MA must be beginning a cross over the maroon MA and the Stochastic must show a cross below the level 50. This is for a long trade, opposite conditions for short trade. I know this thing sometimes works fine, but when it fails, it blows your account if you don´t really know what you are doing.

Please do not follow this type of strategies if you don´t have enough experience with the MT4 indicators, believe me, you can lose much money with them because you will trade always against the banks. You should understand the nature of this lagging indicators before trading.  I currently made my trading day based in it, but my honest advise is: do not use them if you look just oversold or overbought conditions.

The Forex Holy Grail Is Not...

  • A forex indicator, oscillator, MT4´s etc.
  • A forex system.
  • A forex robot (EA).
  • A forex script.
  • A forex  software, fundamental news or arbitrage.

The Forex Holy Grail is...

  • A secret pattern based in price action, that appears between 13:00 and 15:00 EST.
  • A super scalping stategy.
  • Total manual trades.
  • A 99.8% winning strategy.
  • Not stop loss needed because the trades are guaranteed and all them close in profit a few minutes later.

Look, I will be honest here, I tried this strategy only in demo account and not in real one, so if you have doubts, it´s better for you not to buy...  I only want people who wants to change their forex statements, I am not interested in your affronts, neither your meaningless words nor negative comments, because you do not meet me, do not stain my reputation.

How many times did you read or listen this:

"It´s not your fault"

"I am not a guru"

"I want to help you"

"This system makes people like you rich"

"Download my indicator for free that produces 500 pips a week"

Yes, also I wrote some words like those here, but the difference is:  I am not selling you a product from Clickbank or Plimus... all that people make their money with the sales from affiliates, not for trading forex, and they can´t show you an undeniable proof like mine one made directly from the MT4 platform. I am a guy that is testing some hidden method, and if you want to believe me, it´s your business, if you don´t, then do not read more this letter. 

I think the only vendor who actually earns thousands of dollars per month to operate in a forex market is a trader who calls Medo, he currently sells his strategy for $10000, a very fair price for quality product. Exept him, I don´t know about other honest seller who earns a living from forex like he does.
Remember... I am not charging you for nothing, you will receive my 2 big products for your money. One powerful strategy and one store full of forex products... and of course I will teach you the conditions to trade the forex holy grail.


How do I know that you’re not a scammer?

Remember this: I am selling my personal powerful strategy plus my store
with 1200 current forex products. Just these 2 products have more than $10000. The forex holy grail is for free because as I didn´t try it in real account  I can´t sell it. This way you will
receive 2 products in exchange for your money, so this is a fair deal not a scam.

Are you partner of the broker you recommend or you receive commissions from them?

NO, I don´t have any relationship with this broker nor receive commissions or preferences from them.

Does the broker you recommend accept traders from U.S.A?

NO. The broker where the forex holy grail technique works, does not accept U.S citizens, however my other strategy works perfectly in all the brokers of the world.

What about the other countries? Do they accept worldwide traders?

YES, all the other countries are accepted for this broker (except USA).

The video is amazing... Is it real?, Did you discover the holy grail?

Yes, I discovered it and the video is totally real, not fake, not cracked and if you find some way to make a video from a MT4 like mine, please let it know to fellow traders as soon as you can.

Is the technique a price pattern?

Yes, it is. This pattern occurs almost every day and you don´t need indicators or another tools to follow it.

Is it only for certain currencies or all currencies?

It works in: EUR/USD, EUR/GBP, EUR/CHF and EUR/JPY. The pattern doesn´t work in Stocks, Commodities etc.

Have you tried the strategy in real account?

NO. As you read in all my website, I just tried it in demo.

What time frame does the strategy of holy grail work in?

It works in M5 and M1

How many times the pattern occurs in a day-week-month?

The pattern appears almost everyday for 1 or 2 hours at the end of U.S session.

How many pips can I make a day?

It´s very easy to make from 30 to 100 pips a day opening several positions at the same time, but it depends from the market conditions.

How long would it take for me to trade the strategies after studying your material?

May be 1 or 2 hours, after this time you´ll be ready to trade.

Does the strategy work in sideways or trending markets?

It works in both markets. It doesn´t matter if the prices are trending or in sideways condition. The pattern will be there waiting for you ;-)

Do you use an EA (robot) to trade?

NO!!! All my trades are manual.

Will the pattern last forever?

The pattern has more than 4 years to be present, and also today is present. Personally I think it will be there for much time to come.

Will you explain the strategies in detail or you will teach me to follow
the pattern only?

I explain both strategies in detail.

Is the holy grail technique an arbitrage strategy?

NO, it is not!!!

In some websites your strategy is for free. Why are you selling it?

No, those strategies are not the mine although the owners called them same way than me: "Forex Holy Grail". They use indicators, EMAS, 1-2-3 pattern, etc... My strategy is based in pure, nude price action pattern and you don´t need to put indicators nor stop loss because you "ALWAYS" know the position will finish as won a few minutes after opening.

Does the strategies you offer as powerful as you said?

Yes, they are very powerful, when you put them in action you will know what I mean.

How do I know you are a reliable person and your system really works?

Look, you can research all the forums and other websites around the web and you will not find any single bad comment or thread from a client mine. The people who post bad things about my strategy are not my clients, they are only speculators that only want everything for free but they never bought my package. Also, some of they ask me about to share my secret with them, but as my answer is: NO, then they write emails to threaten me about to post craps against my person and website. So, It´s is up to you if you believe them or not.

I watched your videos and I can´t understand how is possible to open so many trades in just 2 hours a day. How did you do it?

Let´s say you are a trader that put your orders when the RSI hits the levels 20 or 80. Now... when you see this condition for example in EUR/USD you will open.
How many trades can you open at the same time?
Of course you can open as many trades as you want, or just 1 position if you prefer. It is up to you the quantity.
So, I prefer to open many trades at the same time when I see the pattern, for this reason you see a lot orders opened in just 2 hours.
For example: It´s exactly the same to open just one position at 20 lot size that opening 20 positions at 1 lot size. I prefer to open a lot positions than just one, but it is up to you if you want to open one only. I love to see many green ones ;)


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forex system

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